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Why should you use Cloud Storage to build your application?

It's cloud-hosted

You just use the API and we take care of all the infrastructure to make it work around the world.

It's mobile ready

Store your mobile app's data in the cloud and just focus on creating a great user experience.

It's highly-scalable

You can scale from one user to millions, we'll always handle your application needs.

It's secure

A token-based security layer allows you to assign permissions to what your users can do.

It's time saving

Ready to use SDKs to reduce your development time so you'll deploy sooner.

It's cost effective

You'll pay as you go. We'll just charge you for what you use. From prototype to production.

Live demo

We know a live demo is worth a thousand words so check the example below to see the Cloud Storage in action.

How can you use it?

To get started with Cloud Storage you just need to register and get your free application key.
Then select your favorite SDK from the list below, download the samples and start building your awesome application.

Starting guide

Realtime Cloud Storage is a fully managed NoSQL database service based on Amazon DynamoDB that provides fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability.

If you are a developer, you can use Realtime Cloud Storage to create database tables that can store and retrieve any amount of data, and serve any level of request traffic.

Before you dive into your preferred SDK please take a few minutes to read this starting guide. For your convenience it’s divided into 13 small chapters that will guide you through the main concepts and best practices for optimal use of your Realtime Cloud Storage.

how much will it cost you?

Read/write operations per second

$ usd 1.5

per month

Read/write operations per second

$ usd 15

per month

Read/write operations per second

$ usd 30

per month

Read/write operations per second

$ usd 60

per month

Read/write operations per second

100+ 200+ 300+ ...or more

First 25GB of storage are free, $0.40 USD per GB-month thereafter

Create your free account now

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During the trial period you'll be limited to 100 simultaneous connections,
and 25 million real-time notifications per month

Don't just take our word

The Realtime Framework supports numerous use cases for collaborative applications.

From media websites to social apps, we're proud to say we've seen it all since our launch in 2011.

Checkout a few customer examples

Transient subscriptions?

In a transient subscription, messages are delivered to the consuming application only when that application is running and connected to the broker. If you need this type of messaging, the Realtime Cloud Messaging Service is a highly-scalable pub/sub message broker that will allow you to broadcast to millions. Reliably and securely.

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