A few of our awesome customers
around the globe

AmWager (US)

With exclusive wagering tools developed by professional handicappers, AmWager is the true “next generation” in wagering. Among the features and functions are a variety of money management and investment options, a queueing system for wagers, real-time dutching, conditional wagering and much more.

AmWager relies on Realtime Messaging to power the cross-platform real-time data-sync features.

Township (Ireland)

With over 10 million installs and a global rating of 4.5/5, Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming experience for your tablet and phone (iOS, Android and Windows Phone)!

Township relies on Realtime Messaging to facilitate communication between users in different mobile platforms.

Golden Manager (Spain)

Golden Manager is an online soccer game with top real soccer players from the best major leagues where you will be able to create your own club and compete against users from all over the world in order to make history as a soccer manager.

Golden Manager relies on Realtime Messaging to broadcast game events between players in different mobile platforms and Facebook.

League Of War: Mercenaries (US)

Explosive war strategy game. Take on contracts around the world to assemble and deploy powerful armies of mercenaries!

League of War:Mercenaries relies on Realtime Messaging for in-app chat.

The GAME by Ronaldo (Dubai)

Directly aimed at a universe of 300 million footballers globally, who are ready to experience a truly revolutionary competition, The GAME allows teams to challenge and be challenged by other participating teams from all over the world, in a real world 5-a-side football championship.

The GAME relies on Realtime Messaging for the cross-platform chat between players.

Buddytruk (US)

Buddytruk is an on-demand, peer-to-peer moving, hauling, delivery, and courier app that connects you with a local, background checked and insured driver to help you move your items and deliver them to your desired drop-off location. No more having to bug your friends to help you move, rent a U-Haul, or hire an expensive moving service.

Buddytruk relies on Realtime Messaging for real-time communication between drivers and customers, including cross-platform mobile push notifications.

The Fluid App (US)

The Fluid App is a Church Platform App that allows churches both big and small to offer a self branded app experience for their attendees. Some features include real-time Activity Feed, Group Messaging, Message Archive, Events and Mobile giving.

The Fluid App relies on Realtime Cloud Storage for real-time content sync and engagement through mobile push notifications.

Emplo (Poland)

Emplo is an easy to use SaaS platform that lets employees stay connected and informed. It offers a single place for employees to communicate and share knowledge.

"Realtime saved us a lot of work related to maintaining, securing and scaling our application. We could focus on our product instead of spending time on technical challenges related to real-time communication."
Pawel Leks, CEO

Mesmo (Hong-Kong)

Mesmo is not another social network. Make real connections with people who share your values and interests in your hometown, with people around you and on your next trip.

Mesmo relies on Realtime Messaging for cross-platform real-time chat between users and engagement through mobile push notifications.

Vip2Phone (US)

VIP2Phone is a cloud telecommunications platform designed to deliver all types of multimodal telephony and data analytics on a large scale.Through the platform customers can integrate voice and sales operations into their business models.

VIP2Phone relies on Realtime Messaging for critical real-time notifications.

Você na TV (Portugal)

Second-screen app for the leading Portuguese morning show "Você na TV". Exclusive content, polls, quizzes and real-time chat with the show hosts and other viewers.

Você na TV relies on Realtime Messaging for cross-plaform user engagement through chat and polls.

FanzyTV (Taiwan)

Second-screen TV-APP with interactive content, video chat and data sync allowing audiences to participate in live shows.

FanzyTV relies on Realtime Cloud Storage for cross-plaform notifications and user engagement through chat.

Kidddo (US)

Cross-platform child check-in system for churches, day care centers, gyms and others using Realtime Messaging for device syncing.

"Even though Kidddo is just a small startup, I’ve been treated like royalty at every encounter."
Josiah Oslund, Founder

Mastercook (US)

Cross-platform recipe and cookbook app.

Mastercook.com relies on Realtime Cloud Messaging for cross-plaform real-time collaboration between users.

MobyMax (US)

MobyMax is a completely integrated curriculum and teaching system with progress monitoring, goal setting, fluency practice and motivation tools. The MobyMax Messenger is powered by Realtime Messaging.

"Realtime offers a great product. Powerful yet simple to use."
Wade Willett, Co-Founder